How To Protect Yourself From Scams

Many women, not hoping to find love in real life, try to find it through dating sites. However, in virtual world you can find not only a life partner, but also to get acquainted with a real scammer, gigolo, marriage fraudster and even a maniac.
Let’s look at the most common online dating scams.
You receive letters from a man in which he offers his love and promises a date with subsequent marriage. You have a stormy virtual romance and you are mad about him, although you even haven’t met each other yet. But suddenly he has problems, starting from health on out to the problems of anthropogenic nature, and he asks you to give him money to speed up your long-awaited meeting.
The images of military, pilots, doctors, sea captains, and submariners are very popular among scammers. For the weaker sex, such a man is the most severe and honest. What is the most striking: women will unanimously respond that it was the best man in their life, even if he robbed them blind.
Some scammers indulge in blackmail, threatening to say a few words about the communication to the husband of a woman and pulling out money from the victim, often rather large sums.
Your virtual friend suddenly finds himself in your city and he has problems. There is no one to ask for help, except you.
Once a woman has decided that a foreign man with whom she corresponds, suit well for the role of husband, she decides visit his country to meet him. The man recommends her to use the services of a travel agency, which offers very favourable conditions for organizing a trip. When the agency receives money for the tour, both the agency and the man disappear.
Well, and finally, the sensational way of scam is “Nigerian letters.” It’s the distribution of letters from dying millionaires who promise the moon for a little help.

The meaning of this scam is that the girl agrees to temporarily take his money to her account (millions, millions of dollars!). Of course, the victim in any case doesn’t receive the promised money: they simply don’t exist. If the girl agrees to do this, the scammer gradually defrauds larger amounts of money.
But this doesn’t mean that it worth being afraid and avoiding virtual acquaintances, however, when you start them you should follow a few simple rules:
There are “black lists” of marriage scammers, they can be found on the Internet and you can check the potential fiancĂ©.

When you see that your feelings are already beginning to run high, check your future fiancé. Nowadays, many detective agencies provide verification services. They will tell you the location of the groom, all his personal data and answer questions that interest you (regardless of the country in which he is located).
If possible, try to get some photos of the prospective partner, otherwise there are no guarantees that he sends his own photos. It’s even better to chat in Skype. Information about a person should be “extracted” to the maximum: name, phone (mobile), address, etc. If a man tells you only the e-mail, then this is the first sign that he wants to deceive you (in most cases). For a common person, it is difficult to check personal information, but if this information is very little, it will also be difficult for a specialist to check it. If possible, try to check the phone and mail address.
If a new friend, whom you met on the Internet, says that he urgently need money, don’t send them in any case. And if he continues to aggressively trick out of your money, it is better to forget about such person at once. Any reference to money is a scam.
Find true love on dating sites is really possible. On Casanovastyle you can learn more tips on how to avoid scammers and meet your significant other.