Review: LY “No be mistake” Audio and Video was over exaggerated

Trust me. LY recent song “No be mistake” was over exaggerated. One would wonder if a reasonable artiste will invest in such a project.

Before the release, LY started by continually talking about it on social media before he eventually announced the release date to be on his birthdate- 17th April.

Here’s what you need to know about the song.


The instrumental (beat) used is a free beat from one of Nigeria’s famous free beat producer. I know you will say nothing is wrong with using free beat. See let me tell you, there is a whole lot wrong with using free beat, yes.

LY we all know is said to be a music producer but the quality of the sound is way poor. You cannot produce your own beat or mix your song properly, then what makes you a music producer? I give maximum accolade to the lyrics of the song, LY just call yourself songwriter.


This is another place I have a big problem with.

Progress/Improvement is expected of every man and trust me Charleszee  Eze shows his level of improvement on this video, the quality is commendable but that will not stop me from analysing the directions.

Throughout the video, the energy I see LY displaying is absolutely wonderful. Now see!

What I understand on that video is that a broke artiste finally made it. How did he make it? The story of the upcoming artiste and the landlord.

The landlord harassed the artiste for owing house rent, few minutes later after washing, his girlfriend visited and the wicked landlord again took his girlfriend… The landlord was pictured carrying the lady, carrying her to where?? He came back to the same seat(bench) where the artiste was.

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The artiste stood under a tree and supposedly got a text message-from who? What happened next? He came back home to tell hatters he’s made it. Well-done story tellers.

Come to think of this did LY pay for the video? Free beat and the promotion was poor. No single airplay from even NBS TV or Equity TV.

I rest my case. Dadanebo has spoken.

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