News: Yownbenny reveals 8 Reasons Why Many Music Artistes Remain Upcoming

*8 Reasons Why Many Music Artistes Remain Upcoming*

*|ߓ̂y:- Benjamin Samuel|*

Today the Nigerian music scene is saturated by too many upcoming artistes, some of them with good and quality songs, yet they are still upcoming artistes and you are forced to wonder why they have remained upcoming artistes.

It is true that success comes from God alone, but the inevitable fact remains that sometimes the reason why our success or breakthrough is not forthcoming is as a result of our faults and could be attributed to our mistakes and inefficiencies.

*Here are eight (8) reasons* why most music artistes remain upcoming:-

*1. Imaginary Record Labels:-*
This is one factor that can hamper the tendencies of an upcoming artiste to break into the larger music industry. Often times you see upcoming artistes flaunting record labels which in the real life do not exist.

This goes a long way in scaring potential record label owners and managers away from you, as they feel you already belong to a record label and might be binded by a contract, whereas you don’t belong anywhere, the record label you are flaunting is only a name you coined so as to make yourself look like a professional artiste.

*2. Vulgar Lyrics:-*
Not everyone has the luck of Lil Kesh, Olamide et al. Don’t build your music on vulgar lyrics. Learn to start-up with lyrics that are meaningful and people can relate with.

*3. No Definite Genre of Music:-*
Today you are singing RnB, tomorrow its Hip Hop. Bros you are not a choir master, please pick one already. Yes we know that too many Nigerian A-List artistes don’t have a particular genre, too many of them sing as the ‘spirit’ leads. But then as an upcoming artiste you need to define your kind of music because that is how and what people would identify you with.

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*4. Showing off ‘Invisible’ Wealth:-*
Don’t be busy showing off wealth when in real life you can’t afford to shoot a standard music video, when you even have to borrow money for your studio sessions. With your excessive display of wealth potential record labels might find you difficult to woo, as they already have the impression that you live in affluence and might be expensive for them to manage.

We know showing off ‘invisible’ wealth is part of the ‘profession’ but as an upcoming artiste learn to minimise it, _at least till that time when you don hammer small_.

*5. Pride:-*
Hmm! This is one word that is synonymous to entertainers. As an upcoming artistes learn to keep your head down. Respect whoever you come across for you don’t know who would be instrumental in aiding your music career.

*6. Turning Down Shows Indiscriminately:-*
For Christ sake! At this stage in your musical career you need to perform at all the available shows, events and parties you can. You need to project yourself as much as you can regardless of how unimportant you think the show might be, if you can perform please do.

As an upcoming artiste, you need adequate exposure and the best way to get it is by performing at shows.

Listen to the testimonies of music stars and you would realise that in their upcoming days they had to perform at shows, sometimes for free.

*7. High Performance Fee:-*
Yes it is nice to attach a price tag, but make it a reasonable one. Imagine where an upcoming artiste charges you an exorbitant price just to perform at your event! Haba! ‘Wen you no be Wizkid or Davido! Learn to make your price reasonable and affordable.

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*8. Poor Music Promotion:-*
This is another factor that hampers the success of upcoming artistes. It an indisputable fact that you must use money to make more money. As an upcoming artiste you need to be ready to invest in promoting your song.

Don’t limit your song to your immediate environment alone. Strive to spread your song outside your immediate environment.

If it means paying to promote your song, please do it, at the long run you will definitely reap the fruit of your labour.

ߓ̠*Benjamin Samuel (Yownbenny)*, is a writer, blogger and music promoter!!!

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