News: Wizkid Cancelled His Son’s Million Naira Deal And Accused Him Of Being Gay.

While reading Wizkid’s first baby mama, Oluwanishola Ogudu’s rants on Instagram about Wizkid’s irresponsibility to both her and their son, we caught a shocking story that concerned his son; Boluwatife (the major reason the whole drama has been unfolding).

She accused Wizkid for cancelling a 3 million naira deal she got for Tife when he was 3 because he said he already had better and bigger deals lined up for him but till today non has come through.

Oluwanishola further accused Wizkid of indulging Boluwatife in unbelievably, ridiculous anti-moral acts such as; touching asses and boobs of women in order to ascertain if Tife is gay or not (according to Oluwanishola, Wizkid has at one time told her Tife looked like a gay as a result of a picture he saw of him). She also went on to reveal¬† she found a ‚Äėweed crusher‚Äô in their son‚Äôs bag which his father had placed on returning him to hbBer after going to spend some time at his place.

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