Review: Jahbro & Ozee on Tusa, did they meet your expectations?

Jahbro - TUSA feat. Ozee

Recently, Jahbro broke social media with a collaboration with Arewa star, Ozee.

Recall that Jahbro who has been in the quest to sing with Ozee got it a year after he tagged him on Instagram post with all humility. After few weeks “TUSA” is ready.

The word TUSA is an hausa language which mean,  ‘Fart, pollute (an emission of wind from the anus) or “mess” as it is called in some parts of Africa.

Did Ozee and Jahbro meet your expectations? Or the whole song is just a “mess” (tusa)? Let’s find out.

Here are some reviews about the song.

Engr. Precious Bashayi(empee Kris) wrote:

“The song is a cool song generally speaking
“The hype it got was massive, Though I will say it was worth it, But I wasn’t cool with the title, Cos even as an OAP I can’t mention TUsA on air, It’s against the ethics. But then, the production is cool tho, Ozee did a great job, It’s not a boring song… U can always replay it.

“This is the best song I’ve heard from Jahbro truth be told, He dropped the lines on each bar of the beat, Unlike the other songs.
“He played around the beat like a pro… He used it like an opportunity to send a message to the youth too.
“When young men want comfort and don’t want to work they end up messing up, The reason we have robbers and all”


Zeemo Paulson:

“The lyrics too uncooked from the rapper, Better Ozee sef try, but las las he derailed… Pardonable shar, cos he is a singer.
“To me, they rushed the song, The concept sef is too childish
“The jam is just way below average. at first, i was interested in the lyrics (cos the title rang bell as to what to expect) but i was disappointed. As such, i got busy with what i was doing. I didn’t pay attention to the beat and the other parts of the production that much, tho it seems the beat and mix down is a bit better, No be by force to rap if you have no concept and lyrical prowess. Rappers are like industries, they manufacture not just give some usual this that, yes no, that we know already.

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G-4 DA BISHOP said:

“Jahbro deserves kudos for hard work on his new song Tusa featuring Ozee
For Ozee,
a shout out of a successful contribution is its own reward to have heighten the vibe of the song

In the meantime, His production, voicing and mixing was Kool and we need more homage to stroll harder in business.
“I think this clause is kinda deep!

“Fresh boy bana Tusa
I’m the King of the jungle”

every 4 lines had separate meanings
The song Tusa : uses a neo-impressionist idiom to express /establish a general attitude about his life. Tusa is a Nigerian Tribal word, origin from the Hausa language extract of the northern axis of the country Nigeria which means fouled air that is released from the anal exist orifice / bunghole.
Tusa is used in the song as a botch or to make a mess, damage or an embarrassing mistake.

‘bana’ means I don’t
Direct translation of

“Fresh boy bana Tusa
I’m the King of the jungle”

will definitely be:

Dude’s I’m cute and really handsome and I don’t cause an embarrassing mistake
because I’m the Master who can explain /control the intricacy of my life (mess)

Dude’s I’m cute and really handsome and I don’t cause Damage
because I’m the Man who understands how to prevent the damage

and it continues in this fashion/manner

really deep as I earlier stated”


Tell us what you think about the song in the comment box below.

Download the song here if you don’t have it.


  1. Tusa I never expected this from jabro but when I download the song I discovered that the song has many saying and educating at the same time

  2. Tusa,I never expected this from jabro but when I download the song I discovered that the song has many saying and is educating at the same time

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