NEWS: #BBNaija 2018 Day 62: Shock As Bambam Gets Evicted At The Saturday Night Party

The night of day 62 in the #bbnaija house was a pretty surprising one as Big brother soon turned the euphoria of the saturday night party to shock as BamBam ended up getting Evicted.

Big brother seemed all but ready to switch things up on the night of day 62, right from the time the #bbnaija housates were preparing, but the pinnacle moment of shock came after Ebuka partied with the Housemates and went into the House with them.

Not long afterwards, he asked all the #bbnaija housemates to sit down in the lounge, after telling them that they were going to have a special guest. In a few minutes, the mystery of the special guest was put to rest when Steve, the auditor from Deloitte rang the doorbell.

He handed Ebuka the envelope and in an instant it was all over for Bambam. She looked utterly shocked, as did everyone else in the room. It was a sudden and brutal end to her journey in the #bbnaija House.

In what has become a regular fixture in the #bbnaija house, BamBam did not have much time to leave the House and only had a swift moment to say goodbye to her lover. Teddy A and Bambam shared a kiss and said goodbye but after she left he was pieces.

He could be seen crying in the bedroom, just as Alex tried to console him. He kept his sunglasses on but the shock was written all over his face and he was visibly distraught at the exit of the woman he had come to rely heavily on.

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The night of day 62 saw one twist after another. The first teist of the night was a change in the location of the party which was moved into the arena. The next change had to do with Saxokay, the live act that absolutely killed it for the night as opposed to a DJ.

Ebuka, looking dapper as ever, as he joined to party with the #bbnaija Housemates and then proceeded to enter the House. All in all, very few peraons woyld have expected the turn around of events as everything took a wild turn.

However, since day 63 is the first day of April, we would have to wait to find out if big brother played an April fools day prank on us all.


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