Youngbenny talks about ” CURE MY CRAZE” his coming soon single

Cure my craze is something you can always imagine because from the title CURE MY CRAZE you will be interested to know what the song is all about.
Actually the song is all about telling this girl I meet and fall in love with at first sight to CURE MY CRAZE. I couldn’t meet and talk to her because she was with her parents and by main looking at the parents, they look so tough. so I decided praying in my heart telling her to come my way. After then I came home and Tubalee (my producer) sent me about three beats to see if I may like them and I made CURE MY CRAZE.

I feel Tubalee (my producer) and I have the same spirit that was why he just sent me a perfect beat for my feelings and mind set.

See CURE my craze cover photo below 

Youngbenny contact details:

Facebook: Young Benny

Management: 07068230121


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