“I am the best Nollywood movie Director” Sadiq Sule CEO Certified Films said this speaking with the Press at BON Movies award on Saturday Evening at Abeokuta Ogun state capital.

Asking him if he’s satisfied with the outcome of the award ceremony, especially the category which his film was nominated he said.

“I produced and directed a film in 2014 and today it’ stood shoulder to shoulder with the best Nollywood movies of 2017 what does that tells you?”

sadiq sule with oladimeji abdul lateef at BON award

He added that “special effects category is a category for “BIG BOYS” in the industry it’s obvious I am being Recognized for my hard work and people who do special effects in the industry are the extremely good and experience hand.’’

So, if I could direct a movie for the first time in 2014 and it got nominated  for an award in 2017 it goes to shows that I’m not only extremely good but I understand what it takes to do a good movie.

In Another words in creating my contents I am not looking at average because I am that guy that believes average is an enemy, I made do with the little budget I had in 2014 to produced and directed “misery lane” and today if it compete with the best of 2017 win or not I am happy my past competed with others producers present.

“I would say this is a tip of an iceberg, Nigerians should expect nothing but the best from certified films.”

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