Nasarawa Aspiring Governor replied Engr. Precious Bashayi open letter about the development of talents in the state

The development of a state does not end in road,buildings and government employments, government also need to empower the young ones to be self-employed. In nasarawa state,the entertainment industry is a no-to-consider as part of national/state development.

In 2016, arts and entertainment contributed N54b to Nigeria’s GDP

  • This has come despite the entire economy shrinking by 2.24% since 2015

Photo: NBS
Photo: NBS

According to the Nigerian Gross Domestic Product Report released by the National Bureau of Statistics, the arts and entertainment industry experienced a growth of 1.86% to 12.81% in the third quarter of the year, contributing N54b to the country’s GDP.

Most of our governors,senators,house reps. etc. Do attend events that will cost them millions of naira not minding such generates revenues for their states/country.

It is obvious that Engr. Precious Bashayi also known as Empee Kris,a passionate youth leader who has sacrificed a lot for the growth of entertainment in nasarawa state wrote a letter to an aspiring “Digital Governor” Mr. Ayuba Umar  hinting him some areas he should work on which the Governor (awaiting) replied to.

“SHORT RESPONSE TO Engr Precious Bashayi

Thanks a mil. Engr Precious Bashayi. Do appreciate. Stay tuned for my MARSHAL PLAN meant to unleash the CREATIVE ingenuity of YOUTHS, God willing, upon success in 2019. The Youths are beacon of our tomorrow. That their future well-being is currently BEING TOWED WITH BY SUCCESSIVE LEADERSHIPS IS A SHAME TO OUR SENSIBILITIES AND TO HUMANITY REALLY. Take this, dear, I am 60 years old today. At most, in the next DECADE or so, I have to pass on the mantle of leadership to those (THE YOUTHS) I am leaving behind. But today, they are NOT BEING PREPARED FOR THE LEADERSHIP OF TOMORROW. Rather, they are being tamed idlers, and criminalised at every given opportunity. NO JOB. NO SCHOOL. NO NOTHING (as the Americans will say). My dear, pray we succeed in the 2019 struggle against THESE SAME PEOPLE GALLIVANTING AS OUR MESSIAHS, who have BEEN very active in the country’s decision making for the past 20-25 years on where the PENDULUM SWINGS in PRESIDING OVER OUR COMMONWEALTH, that unfortunately currently ENSURED the YOUTHS DON’T HAVE JOBS; ENSURED THE KIDS DON’T GO TO SCHOOL; ENSURED OUR PARENTS, AND ELDERS, WHO LABOURED FOR OUR DEAR STATE AND COUNTRY, buy lexapro 10 mg online DON’T GET THEIR GRATUITIES AND PENSIONS; ENSURED OUR HOSPITALS DON’T CARE FOR THE NEEDY; ENSURED WE CAN’T EVEN FEED OURSELVES IN THE MIDST OF PLENTY; ENSURED THE CURRENT STAGNATION IN EVERY ASPECT OF OUR LIVES AND ECONOMY CONTINUES FOR THEIR PERSONAL BENEFITS; et al, et al, today, they still have the AUDACITY, THE TEMERITY to CONTINUE TO POLLUTE THE AIR with PROMISE OF MORE MISERY FOR THE YOUTHS well into the 21st CENTURY. My dear, stay tuned for OUR INSTALLMENT ON WHAT WE HAVE IN STORE FOR THE YOUTHS…from 2019 ONWARD, IN SHA ALLAH. God bless.”

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Engr. Precious Bashayi further commend Mr. Ayuba Umar for his response and stress on the need to venture on Entertainment in the state.

“Thanks for the reply the digital Governor “in waiting” Ayuba Umar I appreciate the fact that you took your time to reply my comment on your “Youths & Sports” post. I will firstly commend your doggedness in what I term, Social media Activism. I am a young man who should be probably as young as some of your children and my passion for young people’s participation in politics is hotter than a blue flame. My passion for political participation in Nigeria and particularly Nasarawa state grew when my findings unfolded that since 1999 it was only the Abdullahi Adamu’s regime that supported the Creative and Entertainment industry in Nasarawa state. If you go to social gatherings within Nasarawa state, you will discover that we have multi-talented young lads in Nasarawa state that can be self-employed if supported and promoted. I made you an example to how Lagos state government benefits by getting industrial attractions because of the entertainment and creative industry. If you can have an action plan for the young talented people in Nasarawa state and effect it when voted to power, you will end up being the best Governor we ever produced. Some known politicians in Nasarawa state travel as far as South Africa, Lagos and Abuja to attend events that costs them millions of Naira to watch talents that others have invested in to help them reach limelight. A lot more can be achieved with promoting this industry, curbing youth restiveness is also another achievable goal if we promote this industry. Nagode.

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