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Gossip: Ozee “Under full sail” preach Jesus

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So today,Ozee revealed that he would be releasing an EP soon and even reveal the name also “SONGS OF BAE”.

Just few months ago this guy(Ozee) released a joint EP THE-COVER-TAPE with his Tazu mate,Nas T Breed. The truth is that,this dude is working well and tirelessly to hit the BIG-NAIL,I guess he is releasing the new EXTENDED PLAYLIST (EP) because The Cover Tape with Nas T Breed was widely appreciated.

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Could this be regarded as over-joy or prank? online drugstore usa Ozee was pictured today “Under full sail” preaching Jesus and love. someone will ask what do you mean by “Under full sail“? I mean DRUNK. yes!!

He said; “As at that time,there was no love,Jesus said ‘if you are slapped in one side,turn the other side of the face’ we should have a forgiving heart”.

That’s not all,watch the full video…I wonder who made the statement ” let it go” behind the scene.

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