Why i want to become the next MDA National youth wing secretary general – Engr. Precious bashayi

Precious Bashayi(Empee Kris) is a graduate of Electrical Electronics Engineering from Caritas University, Amoorji-Nike, Enugu, Enugu state, he’s an Msc student in Information systems and Data Security. Precious Bashayi served in the Anambra Broadcasting Service, Aroma, Awka and is currently the head of engineering and technical services at Option 92.3 FM Akwanga. He is the founder and President of the renowned youth organization, Tomorrow’s Youth Ambassadors (TYA) which has been responsible for initiating youth oriented activities such as; Youths & Governance (Radio/TV series), Nasarawa State Youth Awards, Miss Nasarawa Beauty Pageant, Football competition, just to mention but a few. Also an artiste and a music producer.In this interview, he talks about his aspiration of becoming the next secretary General of the Mada Development Association (MDA) National Youth Wing.

We are all aware that you are contesting for the position of a general Secretary in the forth coming Mada development association(MDA) national youth wing, please tell us your motive/reason for for this interest.

“Thank you very much, My mission/reason for vying for the post of secretary general at the forthcoming Mada Development Association (MDA) National Youth wing is to give our youths a voice, restore our pride and cultural heritage as an ethnic group. I have vowed to work with whoever emerges President of the body to achieve a four point agenda that I have spelled out, which include; promoting Peace and Unity, Culture and tourism, youth development and Youth participation in politics.”

These are great agendas,why did you chose to contest for the position of a Secretary general and not the president or chairman of the council,Don’t you think you will have a bigger voice as a president to fulfill your four point agendas?

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he truth my brother is that I believe no position is too small to make an impact, “one man can change the world” hence I believe the delegates at the election buy generic xanax online will go for competence and not personal interest, I believe we will have an executive of like-minds which will be an easy smooth ride to enable us achieve our desired goals,Lots of people think I should have gone for the president.

“Coupled with my impact in the youth development programmes I have initiated in Nasarawa state, but I believe we should blow the wind not so fast”

Being the president or the CEO of a youth initiative, tomorrow’s youth ambassador who has has contributed a lot in the life of our youths,don’t you think you will emerge the winner if you vie for president?

“(Laughs), probably, just like you said, I founded the Organization, Tomorrow’s Youth Ambassadors (TYA) which has being impacting in the lives of the Nigerian Youths, we have some branches in other states. But winning is of the Almighty, I have greater plans for the Mada Nation so let’s start from here”

Let me believe that these are your personal agendas,what if who ever is going to emerge the president has his own agendas and are different from yours,he refuses to work with your agenda what will you do,or do you have a person aspiring as the president who is in the same mouth with you?
Permit me using that word “mouth”

(Laughs)”its allowed bro.

“Well, just like I said, whoever emerges President must be a like-mind, because the Mada youths are enlightened and would only vote competent intellectuals, and I’m certain that any credible president that emerges will key into my agenda to add up to his instead if discarding them totally.”

That’s a great answer.
So give us your last words.

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“Well finally, I will like to appreciate you for this platform and I must say that this aspiration is born out of passion and my victory will be strictly for an action-based leadership.”

Thank you for your time Mr Bashayi Precious.

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