You are a fool; for saying Nas T Breed is not the best – Tazu Ent. Strategist blast Zeemo Paulson

It seems like things didn’t go just as we thought or Nas T Breed’s visit to Zeemo at his residence in Akwanga is just to say…

Nas T Breed visit to Zeemo Paulson

Now I am thinking Nas T Breed visit to Zeemo Paulson is to know how to best handle the dude.

Few months ago Zeemo Paulson Lambasted Tazu acts(Nas T Breed & Ozee) including Terry tha Rapman for imposing the position of “Nasarawa Best Rapper” on Nas T Breed.

In a post on Facebook by Zeemo,he said;

“Nas T Breed, you’re not the best rapper in Nasarawa state,Thou i heard ya fellow outcast whom I’m very sure doesn’t even know how many local governments we have in the state is drumming and endorsing you….. Or, you wana know who he is? Terry the rap man!”

Tazu Entertainment social media strategist,Mubarak Ibrahim Mustapha decided to put up an open letter to Zeemo Paulson, addressing him as imbecile for opposing her claim.

“Just of a recent I saw a letter you wrote to Nas T Breed @ngstarshub opposing his notion of being the best Rapper.

“Well,you have spoken your mind. Well done Sir. But I want to let you know that Nas T Breed is a mogul and a sublime rapper who has unique skills. Is like you don’t know who he is and probably you haven’t listen to any of his songs.
“Going through your indignantly letter. I felt ashamed on your use of language, you acted like someone that hasn’t been to school. Yet you claim to be a social activist. You don’t even have respect for your seniors/elders. Or your parents didn’t give you a proper home training?
“I also noticed your imbecile behaviour has deceived you up to the extend you have guts to insult Terry Tha Man. I don’t know if you are aware of one of NAS T’s lines “kitchen and chicken no be mate”
Terry tha man is a legend in Nigeria entertainment industry. Pls learn to respect those ahead of you bro. It’s reciprocal.
“Nevertheless, I Will not blame your indecent,barbaric and uncultured manners because of some certain reasons which among them is lack of proper and moral upbringing.

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“It surprise me that you have mouth to oppose Nas T Breed’s claim as the best rapper. Allow other rappers like him oppose that notion not a chap like you.
“Where have you been? And what’s your contribution to the entertainment industry?
Go and download either #ThaCoverTapeEP #DOPEMISTAKE
(thaMixtape) #Rappest #Bindiga ft Gunzz #Mai Awara #Hot #Empire ft Ozee before disputing him. Nas T Breed’s taciturn doesn’t make you the winner/hero but rather a local savage because you are nobody in Nasarawa entertainment industry.
So far,Nas T Breed is the best rapper in Nasarawa entertainment industry,you take it or leave it and if you have any iota of doubt about his skills,you should come out and face him.
“At this point apparently, it’s a advice to you which will help you to pls step out of things like this because you’re a novice in the system. There’s a Hausa proverb which says; In kuni yaji,gagan jiki ya tsira.”

We awaits what will happen next.

I Dadanebo is not convinced that Nas T Breed is aware of this letter.

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