If you’re not careful,what happened at the “King of the Mic” will happen again – Zeemo Paulson wrote an open letter to Naturally High Music featival’s Organizers

The Naturally High Music festival is probably the most talked about even so far this year in nasarawa state and it seems the talk is just for social media/Facebook.

Zeemo Paulson who has been always on contributing to the welbing of entertainment in nasarawa state has come out boldly writing an open letter to the organizers.He said,

“I try my hardest to be political. I’ve forced myself to pretend. I didn’t want to risk any personal goodwill by speaking up with sarcasm. Maybe the timing is not right, but i realise now that there is no better time to speak up about how disdain, disappointed and sad i feel about your well conceived idea of a poorly implemented movement so far. I think the time is always now. Because along with other well meaning youths supporting this movement, I’ve come to realise that speaking up now (no matter how it’ll make anyone feel) is not only a support, but a moral duty”

He continue;

I’ve seen your adverts, invitations, promos and a whole lot on Facebook. But hey! Is the show coming up online? How many of your targets (the drug abusers) do have multimedia phones let alone chart on Facebook? To what benefit will it be when the likes of Nas T, Mac Fab, Shifu, BlaqCheque, Ozee, Elbo, Shekz, BOC, NDLEA and all the superstars assemble without the Drug abusers to be entertained, preached to and/or counseled? A wasted effort and a defeated intention i must say. Take your posters to the streets, get your flyers going round and let one man get the news and tell the other, till everyman get informed ahead of the d-day.

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Let me shock you guys…. In case you have been wallowing in self dilution. I’ve talked to more than 300 youths in Akwanga about this program, almost 98% knows little or nothing about it. I went round the whole of Akwanga town, no poster, no billboard or anything to show there is an event coming up.

He further warn the organizers to becareful not to experoence what KING OF THE MIC experienced this year,

“Just like in the case of ‘King Of the Mic’ recently hosted in the same Akwanga, the online most talked about show will be a total mess of itself (God forbid) if you guys do not take your campaign out of Facebook to the street, zangas, radio/tv stations and the likes. Though your online activities is commendable, it wouldn’t be enough to pull the crowd you will so much need on that day. And to a large extend, inform the most needed audience. To be continue….. If you don’t do the right

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