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Gossip: Ozee becomes first Nasarawa artist to shot a video in an airplane(photo and video)@iamozee

Arewa is taking over, Arewa is going to the world and our Arewa prince didn’t lie when he said in his recent song DRAMA “I PUT MY CITY ON THE MAP”

What we keep getting from the boy is hit upon hits.

Ozee who was recently promoted to two star(2 star) in the Nigeria custom service is not slowing at all. he shared a photo on Facebook recently soaring in front of an airplane and tag it selfie.

Ozee – Facebook

Trust me as usual, I went deeply to the root of that,looking at the airplane it doesn’t look like one of the Nigeria custom service airplane.

Finally it just dropped to my knowledge he is shooting a musical video.

Watch Video:

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Congratulations Ozee,

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