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Gossip: Deeohsee turn down “COMEDY XRAY WITH MC KUVUKI” for no payment #NFS

Good morning all,I hope you had a great night and the day is going well too.

Trust me (dadanebo) I don’t lie but I goss…p,this time we are going to applaud OZEE and NAS T BREED for giving us a wonderful slogan NO FREE SHOW (NFS)…but we should know that NFS is for made-up artists according to Empee Kris.

On the other hands,how organizers ought to respect artists,we all have bills to pay. back to the matter.

It is reaching my table this morning that DEEOHSEE will no longer perform at the comedy xray with Mc Kuvuki expecting to hold today (9th June 2017)at the new Keffi hotel after all the public awareness he had made both on social media and on air.

Gossip: Deeohsee turn down “COMEDY XRAY WITH MC KUVUKI” for no payment #NFS

I have done my findings and according to a reliable source,he stated some facts why DeeOhSee should not appear even at the premise despite more closer to the organizers.

“The problem is that Kuvuki had earlier agreed to pay DeeOhSee that I know, just a day to the show you are you giving him excuses after promoting the event an various medias.he added.”

“C’mon it is not fair,you have already agreed to pay him,I spoke with DeeOhSee about it.the most annoying part is that you refuse to give him free ticket for his crew as he accepted to perform free,yet you said no,they must buy ticket if they must come.you check am.”

Should DeeOhSee for brotherly sake consider Mc Kuvuki?

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