Gossip: DeeOhSee back to music,set to release EP

Habila Yusuf Well known as DeeOhSee(OAP/ARTIST) is back to basics.I will like to say he sound indispensable this time around.

The last time we heard of DeeOhSee, was the last time he released his waving single,a popular phrase mainly used by Africa police “ANYTHING FOR THE BOYS” he gave a break and did a come back song I’AM YOURS produced by the award winning producer 9plus,

DeeOhSee – radio presenter(Maloney FM)

I decided to know what this come back means and how long it will take,a close has disclosed to me that,

“This is a full return,and he will be releasing an EP(extended playlist) soon”

We should be expecting sophomore EP from the Radio Presenter.

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