Nas T Breed busted,you are not close to nasarawa best rapper – Zeemo Paulson

Nas T Breed busted,you are not close to nasarawa best rapper - Zeemo Paulson

Zeemo Paulson came after Ozee few weeks ago and today again after Nas T Breed.

Nas T Breed busted,you are not close to nasarawa best rapper – Zeemo Paulson

A post broke  from NASARAWA GOT TALENT few days ago affirming Nas T Breed as nasarawa best rapper so far and was attested by Terry that rapman. The question has been “who knows Nas T Breed to be nasarawa best rapper when he cannot compete with even young rappers at the king of the mic.

Zeemo Paulson therefore writing an open letter to Nas T Breed calling the post ” pride from the Tazu artiste ”

Read below:

Hey Nas T breed! Awfa, have you eaten today?…..

Apologies for waiting a little longer before addressing and or correcting ya ill conceived, ego filled and bragados self imposed tittle of ‘the best rapper in nasarawa state’. Thou i heard ya fellow outcast whom I’m very sure doesn’t even know how many local governments we have in the state is drumming and endorsing you….. Or, you wana know who he is? Terry the rap man!

Chill ka huta mallam. Nobody is interested in knowing what title you hold for now. Make good music, impress at least 50 people in each of the LG we have, then we’d know what to compensate you with. May be one litre of chilled cheap diazepam palm wine will do.

You see, i think both you and TTRM don’t know 40% of the rappers we have here, let alone have idea how good they are…. I heard you also call me ya ‘fan’…. Make i laf? Hahaha! You may be right to some extend. But hey boy, go grab ya pen well, maybe borrow some brain…. Write good music, i mean real good music cos Zeemo is a fan of good shit! Then we come to talk about that..

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Nevertheless, you are putting on effort. I like ya bouncer looking posture, maybe if you no fit convince me to be ya fan, when next we get show, you go come stand for gate. How about that?

For avoidance of doubt. Not long ago i downloaded your ‘MAI AWARA’ song…. Nice concept but poor lyrics…. 40/100. Where you dey rush go? Calm down and rap well. Nobody dey ya back…… Stop pulling ya shirt when it’s not necessary!

To end this I’ll like to say this. hey boy, stop eating suya and continue to insult aboki. Go out there and prove it. Stop all the online gragra. And also tell Terry the rap man that we didn’t appoint him to choose who our ‘best’ is. We know who is who and what they can deliver! Kiss ya uncle’s wife if you vex!

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