5 Things you should know about GenesisOfRhymes and the guy who copied his Logo and names

Yesterday, Genesis Of Rhymes angrily storm facebook with a post of a fan who copied his Entertainment Label Name and logo which is 95% closely related.

This is copyright and copyright is against the law,below are five things you need to know about the copywriter and GenesisOfRhymes.

1.They are both friends on Facebook:

2.GenesisOfRhymes had earlier saw the notice coming.

3.The Name and Logo are about the same.


4.the AED owner has flagged up his name and logo as his official name and logo on Facebook.

5.GenesisOfRhymes was confirmed to have blocked the acclaimed copyrighter and letter unblocked him as friends on Facebook.

Generally, this is regarded as copyright and nowadays, youths cannot be creative, use their own initiative, thinking hiding under someone’s umbrella will stop the rain permanently.

Use the comment box and drop your thought on this.

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