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This new entertainment group will overthrow PMAN (see proofs)

In the night during the MME AWARDS that was held in hilcon royal hotel in lafia nasarawa state, we all heard the organizer mentioned something ALPA (all lafia performing artist).

Although Mt Da Comic who is the CEO didnt make it clear for a better understanding and our reporter strive to meet with him for a brief interview to know more about the group and how it can be beneficial to the artist.


You made mention of all lafia performing artist ALPA during your award night.can you pls tell us more about it?
Ok,Yes.Union of all Lafia entertainers,Mc Comedians dancers music artist
How do you think they will benefit from it?
Radio and TV presenter,Unionism,Uniformity,Respect and class in shows
We already have PMAN as a sole body in the state, forming another group does it matter?
Yes,PMAN is supposed to be a thing of the state and not lafia only, i can ask 10 artists in Keffi and they dont know about PMAN all their representatives are all from lafia none from doma, keffi, akwanga.

PAMAN cannot even organize shows, they cannot transport artist from Keffi and akwanga axis to attend meetings.they cannot even conquer lafia how can they rule the state.

But why did you just target lafia alone?

Keffi has their own already

How can one join this ALPA

any body who wants to join can call me on 08137159544

your final word

Artist in ALPA can also join PMAN, cus PMAN is national while ALPA is lafia only.

Do you think ALPA can succeed? ??

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