Linda Ikeji’s Social To Takeover From Facebook As Most Popular Social Media

If you are one of the top users on Linda Ikeji Social, (an
online social platform to connect with people) then you
could be making big money.
The owner of the site, Linda Ikeji, a popular blogger and
media personality recently told CNN that her goal is to take
over from Facebook as the most popular social media
According to her, Linda Ikeji Social (LIS) hit over 50,000
signups the first day it launched. In its sixth day, the site
had 86,000 followers.
“Facebook is my competition,” she says, adding that she
hopes to be bigger than the social network within the next
five years.
Another way she hoped to gain ground quickly is her plan
to pay people who gain a lot of followers on the site.

“Once they have 50,000 followers on their page, we will
automatically start order valium online monetizing it. That means we will put
our client’s banners on the page and pay you a commission
from what they pay us, ” she tells CNN.
Until then, she will be paying out a weekly share of her
advertising revenue to the most popular accounts. “ Next
week we are putting N20,000 ($63) each into 50 people’s
wallets, ” Ikeji said.
The network also plans to pay users N8,000 (around $25)
for original news content.
So basically, you do not just get to connect with friends on
Linda Ikeji Social, you also get paid while you do. As she
puts it “ Being on social networking sites make the (site)
owners billionaires. You being on our site will make us
money, but at the same time we will share some of that
money with you .”