[INTERVIEW] Baw Ad reveals the secret behind “LOVE VS HATE”

Bawa Adigizi populary known by his stage name Baw Ad, a nigeria singer, rapper/recording artist who has in no way relent in his pursuit of making good music that will affect lives positively, who recently released a single titled “love vs hate” featuring Scott after the release of “expectations and peak me”

Love vs hate is a song many want to know the meaning as many thought it a love song, but in an interview with him he told us all about the song and lyrics.

Why did you title the song love vs hate and yet nothing emotional was said in the lyrics?

I titled the song Love Vs Hate because it’s talking about Self Hate which is mistaken for Love and it’s also talking about hurting the people around you knowingly and unknowingly

These are two opposite words are they playing game?

First of all let me put myself in that shoe so that you can get the explanation very clear
The LOVE is trying to tell how I enjoy devilish acts. The word ENJOYMENT there deceived me to think that is LOVE.
While HATE there is talking of how I HATE myself unknowingly by doing those evil acts thinking it’s LOVE.
HATE is also talking of how the people around me Hate what was disguised to me as LOVE,So in other valium price word, the answer to your question is ‘yes the two opposite words are in a game’. Just like the battle between Darkness and Light.

What is this evil act all about?

Cultism to be precised,Acts like HATING even my own brother simply because he doesn’t belong to the same brotherhood (Cult) with me

What a great sense, are you a member of any brotherhood or you where once a menmer?

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Not at all, I only put myself on that shoe to paint a clear art for simple understanding to every listener of my work

How did you just get the picture in your art when you are not one?

Well, I have stayed in an environment filled with such people, I have gotten close to some of them and I have also read about them

Okay! So as a person who study the lives of brotherhood to preach the truth what do you have to tell the audience out there?

Well, the music already preached everything. What I will say in addition is for the young people to shun Cultism, its really dangerous and self destructive. They should be careful with peers,Because from the starting of the song if you listen carefully you will notice its my peers/friends that hooked me up with that.

If you don’t have the song get it here

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