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Davido reacts to Kaffy’s allegations of maltreating dancers

Omo Baba Olowo has express displeasure over Kaffy’s outburst recently concerning Dancers maltreatment.davido1

Davido has finally responded to Kaffy’s recent social media outburst accusing him of firing her dancers on stage at the 3-Thrones concert which recently held at the Eko Convention Center, Lagos.  Kaffy calls Davido a Motherfucker
Davido, Kaffy


According to him, he was shocked to have seen Kaffy’s 1-miniute video on Instagram, hurling abuses at him for something he is completely innocent of. Meanwhile, Kaffy has since apologised for her uncultured outburst, but not until the dance crew leader, Dance Na The Main Thing (DMNT), Michael Igbelabo, debunked Kaffy’s allegations, saying Davido never fired them or had any altercation with them. He later suggested that Davido may have possibly offended Kaffy before the 3-Thrones concert, which made her rain such profane words on him.

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