see why president buhari is not paying early salary

about a year now since nigerians decide her new president to be muhamadu buhari , after her long issues in the country concerning insecurity,coruptions and many others from the past governments.the buhari/osibanjo brought a new theme called change which a lot of nigerians agitated for….since the new government came into power there is this complain of delay in salary payment from all civil servants including nigerians as a whole.saying this is not the change we voted for.

here an NDLEA OFFICER on saturday explained why the delay despite all the change they promised.

QTS. how are you preparing for the xmass,have you received your november salary?

ANS.i’m preparing well,but i have not received my november salary,the president has not paid.

QTS.why these things happening? in jonathan’s administration there was no delay of salary payments from the federal govt. despite the coruptions. see,this country have ordering accutane online been in a state of collapsing when buhari came in.

QTS. what do you mean?yet the federal govt. still afford to pay in due time.

ANS. yes,thank God buhari came into power to restore nigeria.he added

it is easier to destroy than to build,buhari is building nigeria,

jonathan was lending money here and there to pay salaries. buhari is not,he is only using the money in the federation account.he uses his time to gain some money so that he can pay the salaries.

QTS.but why all the travelling? he travel almost all the time to shout corruption?

ANS. hahahahahah. he is visiting them to settle issues that has been laid by the past administrations on lending money from the world bank and other countries.

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all these was an interview with an NDLEA OFFICER supporting president buhari.

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